Security Services

Justice Investigative Services delivers customized security solutions based on your specific needs. We have extensive experience in securing property and safeguarding individuals. We strive to minimize risk and maximize protection while always maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

Armed and Unarmed Security

At Justice Investigative Services we provide both armed and unarmed security officers 24/7 for either a one-time event or on a long-term basis. Our security agents are professional former law enforcement and military officers who assure the general well-being and safety of people, property, and protection of assets. Our agents are able to perform, communicate and respond professionally to a seemingly ever growing range of safety, security and customer service related areas.

Church Security

In today’s environment it is becoming more prevalent that churches and houses of worship are targets of violence. At Justice Investigative Services we have extensive experience in providing security to religious establishments. Whether it is providing security agents, conducting threats assessments, creating policies and procedures, writing and implementing operational plans or training your team, we can help.

Corporate Security

Today’s ever changing world is placing more demands on the need for security. From new emerging risks of societal unrest and the shifting geopolitical landscape, change is the new normal. Justice Investigative Services will provide security that is suitably tailored to your organization’s needs and risk environment. Whether you require personal protection or asset protection, due to theft, workplace violence, employee termination or a company restructuring, the security agents from Justice Investigative Services are knowledgeable and prepared to keep you safe during these situations.

Executive Protection

In our current environment, executives and high-profile individuals are faced with extraordinary risk while at work, traveling, or even in the privacy of their homes. At Justice Investigative Services we provide professional, discreet and low profile executive protection and executive transportation to those individuals who may be exposed to elevated risks. Our security agents are trained and proficient in security. They are alert, attentive, pleasant and professional in both behavior and appearance whether they are the driver, professional companion, or protector for the principle under protection.

Vulnerability and Threat Assessments

Justice Investigative Services provides vulnerability and threat assessments as well as safety planning for your facility or organization. This assessment incorporates an analysis of your physical property, operations, emergency preparation, response planning, hazards and external threats. The reliable and concise results of a vulnerability and threat assessment done by Justice Investigative Services will benefit your operational value and optimize risk reduction.