Investigative Services

Justice Investigative Services conducts investigations in a systematic and impartial manner. Our goal is to uncover the truth by following specific investigative components. We maintain the highest degree of ethical conduct.

Background Investigations

There are many different reasons for a background investigation. Whether you are hiring a new employee, looking for a nanny or caregiver, or considering a new relationship, it is a good idea to get a better understanding of who you will be involved with.

Online background checks are often incomplete or inaccurate. Justice Investigative Services conducts simple to sophisticated background investigations tailored to your specific areas of concern. Moreover, we do not rely solely on information obtained from data brokers. Our criminal record information is directly sourced from courts.

Civil/ Criminal Investigations

We often work with attorneys as they represent their clients in the best possible way. At Justice Investigative Services we are professional, reliable, and resourceful. We can help solidify your case by securing evidence and hard facts.

Public Defender/ CPCS Investigations

Justice Investigative Services is certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Committee of Public Counsel Services (CPCS) vendor.

Due Diligence Investigations

Before you invest your money or time in a new company or financial agreement, it is best to research it. Justice Investigative Services is committed to getting you the facts you need before you enter into a legally binding contract or relationship.

Litigation Support

F. Lee Bailey once said, "A good attorney is only as good as their Investigator."

As a licensed private investigation firm, Justice Investigative Services offers a wide range of services that benefit attorneys, all while remaining an objective fact finder for your case.

At Justice Investigation Services we can:

  • Canvas an area
  • Locate individuals
  • Document a crime scene
  • Interview witnesses
  • Find records

Workplace Investigations

Employers are responsible for providing a safe and respectful work environment for employees. Every employee is entitled to work in an environment that is free of workplace violence, sexual harassment, and bullying. When complaints and internal issues arise in the workplace, an investigation is warranted. Justice Investigative Services has the extensive knowledge and experience to conduct thorough workplace investigations.

Skip Trace/ Locate Investigations

A Skip Trace is an industry term use to find someone who has “skipped town”. Whether you are looking for an heir, a witness, or someone who owes you money, Justice Investigative Services has the resources, expertise, and a unique process to locate the individual in question.